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Top 6 Reasons You Should Use ExactWater to Save 30-45% Per Month On Their Water Bill

You’re being charged MULTIPLE TIMES for the SAME water today. Here’s how…

You currently pay for the same amount of water multiple times. The meter in your pipes measures total water flow through the pipe. That’s an issue because every time water sloshes back and forth past the meter (even though it’s the same amount of water) you are being charged as if it’s new water.

The ExactWater install controls the excess water and makes sure you are only getting charged for what you use. On average, you will immediately save 30-45% on your water bill.

What is Your Average Water Bill?
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WOW! You would save somewhere between   $... and   $... on your water bill each month.
That’s $... over 5 years!
Your install will take 3 hours and never requires maintenance. One and done.

Our process only takes 1-3 hours to complete and you don’t have be home for us to install. After the installation, no maintenance is required. Plus, it won’t impact your water pressure!

You get FULL water pressure, just at almost HALF the cost.

You want full strength water. With ExactWater, you don’t ever need to worry about your water flow. Our patented technology isn’t restricting your water, it’s restricting the water company from charging you again for the water you already bought.

ExactWater comes with a 10-year hardware warranty.

Set it and forget it. You get a 10-year hardware warranty included with your purchase, that’s how confident we are in our product.

No permit required from the city, county, or local water authority.

Permits depend on your water provider, but we’ve never been required to submit to an inspection in the thousands of devices we have installed.

120-day 100% money back guarantee is our standard

We have thousands of active clients in almost every state: see what they have to say here (link to testimonials). Additionally, the UPC (Universal Plumbing Code) has fully validated our hardware. If you don’t love ExactWater, you can get your money back within 120 days of purchasing.

learn what our customers are saying
"We installed in our business complex - around 40% better. Then we installed it at our home - our water usage dropped there too! Great experience!"
—Tyler J. (Portland, OR)
"My water bills have been the lowest I have ever seen, by far!"
—Jim K.
"November usage was over 60 in the past and now we are at 35 regularly. Very happy indeed!"
—Steve N. (Portland, OR)
"The products does what it says. Probably around a 20% reduction in usage. Installation service was quick and simple."
—Chris K. (Portland, OR)
"Wow! I filled a pool up right after this bill started and I’ve been using the same amount of water from my bill is way down! I think it’s probably about a 40% or 50% off what I saw this winter! Amazing results!"
—Vince B. (Malibu, CA)
"Since I'm residential I don’t use that much water, but I thought for the low cost of the unit why not give it a try. With any savings, it’ll pay for itself eventually, right? Then I got my first water bill in September of 2018 and it was almost HALF of my previous year’s monthly bill. I thought it might just be that we had more rain that month or something. Then I got my next’s month’s bill: 40% less. Every bill since then has been between 25% to 45% less than the same month last year. Thanks for the savings ExactWater!"
—Joe D. (San Antonio, TX)